Our Home Owners Say

“I have been leading the research & development of the limestone calcined clay cement (LC3) (a new type of cement based on a blend of limestone and calcined clay) through the LC3 project supported by SDC Switzerland. I confidently state that LC3TRC at TARA India can address all requirements to implement the LC3 technology by cement/prefab/RMC industry worldwide.”

Dr. Karen Scrivener, Professor (EPFL)

“I have been involved with the LC3 project in India for the last five years as a Consultant to EPFL. It is a matter of great satisfaction that the development of technology has come to a stage of industrial adoption. The setting up of TRC is a very logical step for technology proliferation. I would consider it a privilege if the TRC clients find it advantageous to make use of my advisory services in the technology transfer process.”

Dr. A.K Chatterjee, Conmat (Chairman)