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Discover LC3?

LC3 stands for Limestone Calcined Clay Cement. It is a combination of clinker, calcined clay, limestone and gypsum. The cement blend uses 50% clinker, 15% non-cement grade (high silica or high MgO content) limestone, 30% calcined low grade china clay (non-ceramic grade) from mines and 5% gypsum.

Lower Calcination Temperature for Clays

Lower Calcination Temperature for Clays

700-800°C, almost half the temperature required for clinker production

Reduced CO2 Emissions

Reduced CO2 Emissions

40% less compared to OPC at lower investment

Use of low grade raw materials

Use of low grade raw materials

Limestone with impurities such as dolomite and quartz can be used without calcination

Low Clinker Factor

Low Clinker Factor

Can be reduced upto 50%


Cost Saving

Saves up to 25% compared to OPC and PPC

Carbon Friendly

Reduces GHG emissions from the cement industry


Develops ultimate strengths comparable to OPCs produced using the same clinker

More Durable

Produces denser microstructure concrete compared to OPC and PPC

Waste to Value

Opportunity to utilize low grade clay and limestone (dolomitic)

Energy Saving

Low temperature of calcination and softer nature of raw materials reduces grinding energy

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